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What is CEVNI ? CEVNI stands for Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure. Its the rules and regulations governing European inland Waterways. 

Who needs it : If its your intention too travel the inland rivers and canals of Europe – you should have an understanding of the rules and regulations – bouyage etc according to CEVNI .By law, all those cruising on European inland waterways must have passed the CEVNI test and have a reference copy onboard.

How to get qualified : Complete the Royal Yachting Association Interactive online CEVNI test . Upon completion of the CEVNI test and are eligible , apply to have Inland Waterways added to your existing RYA practical ICC . The CEVNI test is a short multiple choice test. You will need an internet connection to complete your RYA CEVNI Test .

To book your online CEVNI test book here . Contact us by phone +34 622052938 , or use our contact form here for enquires .

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